The SADEKO company has been continuously operating in wastewater treatment technologies since 1996. In 2016, 20 years of its existence passed, which confirms the continuity of the company's operation and clearly proves its stable position on the market. Thanks to the development of our own implemented and successful technologies, we can offer comprehensive solutions and, above all, optimize the operating costs of the installation and individual process cells.

BIOSAD and BIOSELEKT sewage treatment plant technologies, automatic recirculation and removal of excess sludge, Thermal Sludge Hygienizers (THO), FCO absorption and evaporation filters, advanced control systems are our flagship solutions for schools, housing estates, highways, cities and municipalities.

On our website you will find an overview of the most important technologies created and implemented in practice by SADEKO.

We offer you individual solutions in the field of sewage treatment, because only such solutions can be optimal in terms of energy consumption, efficiency, durability and simple, intuitive operation. Optimization and innovation have their origins and continuous development in SADEKO's service experience in various sewage treatment plants in Poland and around the world, including: in Antarctica.

Our challenge is to build new, innovative and energy-saving sewage treatment plants and, above all, to properly modernize the existing ones.

Such a modernization that will serve its user well for at least a dozen or so years of operation. It's not about appearance and advertising, but about quality and standards.